Benefits of Strength Training with Resistance Bands

Introduction to Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are also known as exercise bands or workout bands. If you are a general fitness freak, then they are a perfect choice for you. They are also helpful in physical therapy. The resistance band is ann elastic band that plays an a crucial role in strength training. They are lightweight elastic bands that induce muscular contraction. The contracting motion helps to build strength in the muscles of the user. Users pull against the band to gain power.   People have been using resistance bands since the early 20th century. Primarily they are solely used for rehabilitation purposes. For instance, it was used by people with damaged muscles to regain their lost strength. Today, they are extensively used by people who want to make their bodies look fuller and healthy. And of course, it is also used by patients for physical therapy. Check out HAJEX Resistance Bands Set.

How They Compare to Weights

Gernerally, people used weights to gain muscle strength, but resistance bands have replaced traditional weights. There are numerous reasons why resistance bands are better than weights. Resistance bands are easy to buy because they are inexpensive. Most of the resistance bands cost less than ten dollars. Even the higher quality ones are less than 30 dollars. In comparison, the weights cost more than thirty dollars. Thirty dollars is their starting price. Resistance bands are much lighter than weights, making them easy to carry while travelling. You can easily tuck them in your suitcase without worrying about being overweight at the airport. Resistance band make sure that you don't miss your workout on your vacations. They are perfect for people living in small spaces as they require little space. Buy as many resistance bands as possible, then roll and tuck away them in some corner of your living space.

Advantages of Using Resistance Bands

  • Resistance bands help in weight loss. It improves the movements of muscles, and consequently, the fats are burned. Burning extra fats from your body will make your body look attractive.
  • They are also used in the treatment of arthritis. Resistance training helps to reduce the level of pain in joints.
  • Injuries are also prevented with the help of resistance training. Resistance training builds and strengthens muscles. It also improves the density of the bone. It means there is less chance of fracture of bone when you fall.
  • When you work out using resistance bands, the brain tends to release a hormone known as endorphin that elevates your mood. Endorphin makes you feel relaxed and happy. It also helps to sleep better.
  • Resistance training inhibits muscle and bone deterioration. According to various studies, once the body is fully developed, it loses 1% of its strength each year. The ideal way to prevent this loss is to keep building bone and muscle density.

How to Incorporate Them into Your Routine

Resistance band can be added to the exercises you are already doing. It helps to tone the muscles in a faster and more efficient way. You can add resistance bands to your daily exercises such as front squats, lateral walk, bent-over rowing, laying down pull, pushups, standing chest press, lateral raise, standing bicep curl, standing chest press, and kneeling crunch.

How They Can Help Correct Imbalances

Elastic-band resistance exercise helps to enhance balance, flexibility, gait ability, and fall efficacy. According to researchers, older people's decreased balance and moving capacity causes the muscles to become weak and lose their ability to stretch. So, the joint flexibility exercise and muscle strengthening exercise helps to enhance the balance for the fall and gait balance.

Tips for Safe Training

Although the resistance band is less dangerous than the weights, you should still be cautious while using these bands. Practising safety ensures fewer chances of injury. You should keep your body in alignment while using the resistance bands. Instead of locking the knees, they should be slightly bent. Shoulders and hips should be lined up with each other. The natural curve of the spine should be maintained. Breathe appropriately while using the resistance bands. In some exercises, you are tempted to hold your breath as you tense your muscles. Resist this urge and breathe steadily. If the resistance level becomes complex and challenging, exhale rather than inhale and don't hold your breath. Try not to lock your joints. If you feel like your joints are locking when the bands expand, you are using too much resistance. There should always be a slight bend in your joints; otherwise, there is a chance that you might get injured. Resistance band is made of rubber, so avoid storing them where they are prone to growing bacteria or expanding. Keep them away from the humid environment. To ensure their durability, storing them in a cool, dry place is suggested.


Being fit and energetic is everyone's dream. This dream can only be fulfilled by staying active and using appropriate tools and techniques. Resistance band help you become a fit person. They are easy to use and cheap. They are lightweight and easy to store. They also help to lower depression and anxiety.


What is the purpose of resistance bands?

They are the elastic bands used for physical therapy and strength training. They help to tone the muscles. They also build strength in the muscles.

Are resistance bands worth buying?

Yes absolutely. A study conducted in 2019 depicted that resistance band provide equivalent strength gain as the conventional gym equipment. They strengthens your muscles as effectively as traditional weights.