Choosing and Using Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an excellent alternative to weights and a perfect addition to a routine strength training program. They are handy, reasonable, versatile, and operate your muscles in a different way than weights. According to the proven studies, with resistance bands muscles respond to strength training just like other types of equipment, such as free weights and different machines.

Moreover, they come in various strengths, making them extremely usable by most people. Resistance bands are also great for rehabilitating muscles after injury. Research has proven that exercise with a resistance band grows your muscles and tone them simultaneously.

People often evade using resistance bands because they are not familiar with how to use them. Exercising with bands feels more novel than dumbbells and other equipment for example, during a dumbbell curl with bands, you are exercising the muscles both when you bend and release the arm. For that reason, there is a persistent tension on the muscle that works it in a manner you may not be familiar with.


Resistance bands offer a wide range of workouts. It is the most portable form of fitness equipment and keeps you within your routine. Besides to being as useful as more costly equipment, resistance bands provide many exceptional benefits:

  • Increase coordination: Bands work just like a cable machine, enabling you to keep persistent tension on the muscle. You will also contain more ballast muscles to keep the band in the line-up during every workout, including a diverse dynamic to the same old moves. This helps with balance and coordination and it also facilitates you to involve many other muscle groups.
  • Provide a great workout: With resistance bands, you can perform the same workouts you do with free weights. The difference rests in the placement of the band i.e., you can stand on the band and hold the handles for overhead presses or bicep curls. You can perform chest exercises or shoulder rotations by wrapping the band around a pole or chair. You can perform workouts on the floor like seated biceps curls. You can also anchor your bands and perform various workouts. Thus, the possibilities are infinite and you will discover there are a lot of exercises and workouts convenient to you.
  • Offers variety: Through resistance bands, you can change your positioning in various ways and make resistance from all directions.
  • Most reasonable: Initially resistance bands were used to enhance training in nursing home residents. But now, many fitness enthusiasts are discovering the gains of these bands. For one, they are quite less expensive and perfect for the budget-conscious exercisers.
  • Hold less space: Like many other equipment, resistance bands do not need a lot of floor space it can easily be placed anywhere.
  • Excellent for every fitness level: Resistance bands are not only great for beginners but also for professionals. You can use them for primary moves or add intensity to standard moves.

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Purchasing Tips

There are many things to review when buying bands for training. So, here are various tips to ensure you spend your money sensibly.

Buy set of Bands

It is best to purchase a set of bands that offers different levels of resistance i.e. light, medium, and heavy. It helps you to target various muscle groups.

Keep it Simple

There is a wide range of bands available. Once you find out how to use them, you may want to shop for various kinds.

Buy Accessories

You can use bands in different ways, for this; you may not need extras. If you are buying resistance bands set then you will get all the accessories including door anchors, ankle cuffs, and different handles.

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Resistance bands are perfect for resistance training. You can also use them for many cardio and strength training exercises.


There are numerous things you can do with bands. Here are some exercises you can do with bands to take your heart rate up.

Band jumping jacks: Keep the band in both hands through the head and pull the band down as you perform jumping jacks.

Front and back double leg jumps: Place the resistance band on the ground in front of your eyes in a straight line from right to left and then Jump over the band with both feet to ground in front.

Side-to-side double leg jumps: Next to your right foot, lay the band down on the floor crosswise. Each handle must be experiencing the front and back of the room. Jump with both feet over the band, landing on the other side, starting on the left side of the band.

Strength Training

When you consider strength training, working out with a rubber band possibly does not enter your mind. But, resistance bands are now a workout cornerstone, whether you are a professional or a strength-training novice.

Chest press: You can perform chest press by wrapping the resistance band around a chair or a pole behind your back and holding both ends with your hands.

Elastic band rows: To do this exercise, you need to fasten the resistance band firmly to a door. Holding the band with both hands, pull back the band as you bend your elbows. Stay your elbows nearly to your body side.

Bicep Curls: For this, you can stand on the band with both feet or one foot. In each hand, you need to hold the handles and curl up in a bicep curl, just like you would with dumbbells.