10 easy aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises

Are you an individual who wants to trim belly fat and wants to look healthy and fit? Do you believe in a fit and healthy lifestyle? If yes, then you have to get up from your bed and start doing some exercises today to look sharp every time. In the current circumstances with the pandemic around us, life has literally become from home to home. However, we are blessed to be living in the world where everything is now possible in our homes. All we need is motivation and stamina to do exercise. Aerobic exercises is the best form of exercises that we can do to loose fat quickly. Let us get into the details of some easy aerobic exercises to learn in our homes.

#1 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Skipping

It has been observed through various studies that if you practice skipping for 45 minutes you can burn as many as 450 calories easily. Skipping trim fats from the  muscles of your shoulders, calves, glutes, and quads. There are no hard and fast rules to do skipping. All you need is a good quality skipping rope and understand when to jump on skipping. How to perform skipping: Keep in mind to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Never loose the grip of jump rope’s handles. Hold it firmly. Swirl the skipping rope above your head and leap a quick jump as the rope reaches to the front of your feet. You can get to a faster rate of skipping and jumping with regular practice. [caption id="attachment_14506" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-skipping aerobic-exercise-skipping[/caption]

#2 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Jumping jacks

Most people in the pandemic do not want to go to gym to do intensive exercises. Jumping jacks is the exercise that you can do easily in your home or patio. It is a total body exercise. The primary focus of this exercise is on our quads. It also impacts the parts of your shoulders, abs, groin, calves, back, hamstrings, as well as outer thighs to some extent. How to perform Jumping jacks
  • Your hands must be alongside your thighs with your feet together. Your standing position must also be straight.
  • Now, do jumping with your feet spread sideways and arms above your head simultaneously.
  • After performing a single jumping jack, come back to the normal position.
It has been famously quoted by most of the fitness gurus that 30 minutes of jumping jacks can help you shed 200 calories. However, if you do it continuously, it could certainly be challenging as well as monotonous. Therefore, if you want to continue doing jumping jacks then break them into three sessions of 10 minutes each. You must take a 5-minute rest in between.
[caption id="attachment_14509" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-jumping-jack aerobic-exercise-jumping-jack[/caption]

#3 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Jogging

What other best way to burn your calories other than jogging? Jogging will not only reduce mental fatigue but it is also a simple and effective exercise to increase heart rate. Most exercise geeks use this exercise as a warm-up activity to perform their daily cardio routines. This is also a suitable beginner warm-up activity. How to do jogging: Bounce or run lightly from one foot to the other. At the same time, swing both of your arms from left and right. [caption id="attachment_14510" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-jogging aerobic-exercise-jogging[/caption]

#4 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Simply dancing to music

We all listen to music during anytime of the day. Dancing to music has been stated as a physical relief to the worries of the day. It is also the best way to cut off excessive calories from your body. Use your home as a free dance floor space and just shake it all off. [caption id="attachment_14512" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-dancing aerobic-exercise-dancing[/caption]

#5 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Squat Jumps

Squat is one of those exercises that a normal human being can do without any assistance from their homes. It will tone the calves as well as thigh muscles. It is simple yet a bit difficult exercise as it involves uplifting your own weight. In order to perform this exercise:
  • Be in your standing position with the feet hip-width apart. Straighten your arms.
  • Take a bend at the knees in order to squat.
  • Jump in the air, from the squat position, and relax your hips until the body is straight.
  • Upon landing on your feet, do it gently, rolling a bit backward to absorb the shock in the heels.
  • In order to adjust difficulty, repeat using different arm movement.
[caption id="attachment_14513" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-squats aerobic-exercise-squats[/caption]

#6 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Swimming

There is no best aerobic exercise other than swimming if you are well-aware of all the precautions of swimming. It is however a low-impact exercise. Therefore, it is good for people prone to or recovering from a certain injury. People who are living with limited mobility could also benefit from it. It is the best way to tone your muscles and build strength and endurance. In order to do swimming:
  • Start by swimming laps. You can start with one stroke, such as freestyle.
  • As you swim more, add additional strokes incrementally.
[caption id="attachment_14515" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-swimming aerobic-exercise-swimming[/caption]

#7 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - Cycling

For this ultimate exercise of all time, all you need is a bicycle and must know how to drive a cycle. [caption id="attachment_14516" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-cycling aerobic-exercise-cycling[/caption]

#8 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - push-ups

Push-ups are not the easiest exercise yet it is the best way to loose weight effectively. It helps you to tone your muscles and make your body strong. To start push-ups:
  1. Tuck in your pelvis and lay in a plank position. Your neck must be facing straight and your palms need to be under your shoulders. Be sure to make your shoulders rotated back and down, too.
  2. As you start to touch the ground, keep your back flat.
  3. Start to lower your body by bending your elbows. Keep your elbows pointed slightly back.
  4. Instantly, raise your elbows and push your body back up to the starting position.
In the beginning, do not exceed from more than three sets. [caption id="attachment_14518" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercise-pushups aerobic-exercise-pushups[/caption]

#9 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - boxing with a punching bag

If you have a punching bag in your home then you can easily perform boxing or kicking the bag. However, one must understand the use of the punching bag. People can get serious injuries if they are unaware of its use. It is the best way to burn your calories. However, intense workout can result in increase heart rate which can often lead to heart attack. Therefore, be aware of its accurate usage. [caption id="attachment_14519" align="aligncenter" width="300"]aerobic-exercises-boxing-with-a-punching-bag aerobic-exercises-boxing-with-a-punching-bag[/caption]

#10 of 10 easy aerobic exercises - lunges

Lunges are by far the best way to tone your calf and thigh muscles. In order to understand how to perform lunges, here’s how to do it:
  1. Your feet must be hip-width apart and your standing position must be straight. Relax your shoulders and arms at your sides.
  2. Take a step forward with your right foot and lower your hips. Low at the ground until both knees are bent at roughly a 90-degree angle.
  3. Keeping the weight in the right heel and activating glute muscles, push back to a standing position. Repeat on the left side.
Never repeat the exercise if you feel like your muscles are wearing off. Take rest and start again if you feel good. [caption id="attachment_14523" align="aligncenter" width="300"]lunges aerobic-exercise-lunges[/caption]

In Conclusion

Exercise is mandatory for a healthy lifestyle. We must be motivated and have a positive attitude to do exercise. Aerobic exercise is the best form of exercise that we can do to lose fat quickly. Visit HAJEX Fitness for useful information regarding exercise and stay fit and healthy. For aerobic exercises, yoga in the air with hammock is an exciting and amazing exercise.