10 weightlifting exercises for beginners

Weightlifting exercises

Do you want to reduce weight in less time? If yes, then you must do these weightlifting exercises mention in this article. However, you must keep one thing in mind that all these exercises must not be done more than three sets in the beginning. This is because in the beginning, the exerciser might not have the stamina to perform these exercises in long shots. As weightlifting exercises increase the heart rate, thereby, it is mandatory to have a trainer or a helper in the beginning. When you can easily reach to twelve reps, increases the weight. Here, we will discuss some exercises that are the combination with weightlifting exercises. These can work more that one muscle group per exercise. It means that we can not only tone a single muscle with these exercises but also reduce a lot of weight doing the same.

#1. Push-Ups

Push-ups is one of the best exercises to reduce weight. It is by far the best exercise to align your back and make your abs. In the beginning, do the push-ups slow and in a controlled position. Go  down for two seconds and come back up for two seconds. Here, your one set of push-ups is completed. After completing one set, put your back on the floor and do the press to align your back. [caption id="attachment_14828" align="aligncenter" width="300"]push-ups push-ups[/caption]

#2. Chest Press

Chest Press is an exercise that you can do buy laying down. It could seem easy, however it requires a lot of energy. In order to do chest press:
  • Lay down on the gym ball or on the floor with your back on it.
  • Pick up the dumbbells.
  • Do the press upward in the direction of ceiling.
  • Take control of your movement and go slowly.
  • Your concentration must be on your chest muscles.
  • Keep notice of your actions.
  • Take rest for two minutes.
  • Do the next push-up chest press set.
[caption id="attachment_14830" align="aligncenter" width="300"]chest-press-weightlifting-exercises chest-press-weightlifting-exercises[/caption]

#3. Squats - Weightlifting exercises

As already described in the previous blogs and articles, squats is the best exercise to tone your thighs and butt. It gives shape to your abdomen and make abs. How to perform squats:
  • In the beginning, carry no weight.
  • Stand straight on a yoga mat.
  • Your legs must be shoulder-width apart.
  • Bent down as shown in the figure.
  • Use the dumbbells to continue the exercise, after you get used to it.
  • As you squat down, push your butt back.
  • It will keep the pressure off your knees.
[caption id="attachment_14831" align="aligncenter" width="300"]squats squats[/caption]

#4. Dead Lift

Are you planning to lift some extra weight to make strong muscles? If yes, then dead lifting will make you stronger and bigger. Just go directly to dead lifts from set one of the squat with weights on your shoulder. If the weights exceed more than your control then leave these weights. Take full charge of your body and go slow. Take rest for two minutes and then go back to do the other two combo sets. [caption id="attachment_14832" align="aligncenter" width="300"]dead-lift dead-lift[/caption]

#5. Pull-Ups

What other best way to lift weight and make your abs other than pull-ups. It is the best exercise that can help you make abs and make strong muscles. However, this is considered as one of the hardest exercises for a beginner. Your whole body weight is on your shoulders. How to perform pull-ups:
  • Stand below the bars that must be more than your height.
  • Pull yourself up with the help of the bars.
  • Try to lift your weight without causing any injury to your arm or back.
  • Do as many as you can.
  • Use bands or a chair, if you need help to get you to the top.
  • Slowly let yourself down.
  • Repeat the steps.
  • After the first set, go directly to rows.
[caption id="attachment_14834" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pull-ups-weightlifting-exercises pull-ups-weightlifting-exercises[/caption]

#6. Rows

How to perform:
  • Sit down on a rowing machine and use straightening bands to perform rows.
  • If you are a starter then stay slow and take control of your movement.
  • As this exercise is on machine, thereby, it does not require any assistance.
  • Do as much rows as you want.
[caption id="attachment_14835" align="aligncenter" width="300"]women-rowing women-rowing[/caption]

#7. Curls

In the gyms, curls is the best weightlifting exercise. You can get benefit from the assistance in the gym. How to do curls:
  • In the beginning, use less weight.
  • Use the dumbbells or bands.
  • Go slowly.
  • Your elbows must be against your sides.
  • In order to to aid you in your curl, do not use momentum.
  • After completing the first set, go to the dips, right away for your triceps.
[caption id="attachment_14836" align="aligncenter" width="300"]curls-with-barbell curls-with-barbell[/caption]

#8. Dips - Weightlifting exercises

For the dips, take any chair or table that can handle your weight. You are not required to have any fancy exercise gadget for dips. How to perform dips:
  • Place your hands behind your back on a chair or bench and do the dips.
  • Keep your feet on the ground in the beginning.
  • After some intervals, as you get stronger, put your feet up on a chair.
  • It will add resistance.
[caption id="attachment_14837" align="aligncenter" width="300"]dips dips[/caption]

#9. Shoulder Press

Whenever you are in the gym, you are always looking for fancy exercises. Here, shoulder press is the best exercise that can tone your shoulder, arm and chest muscles. It is easy to perform these either in seated or standing position. How to perform shoulder press:
  • Hold the dumbbells at shoulder level
  • Push these dumbbells up high.
  • If you are using bands, do the same with these as well.
  • Repeat the procedure as long as you want.
[caption id="attachment_14838" align="aligncenter" width="300"]shoulder-press shoulder-press[/caption]

#10. Planks

Are you crazy about exercise and gym? Then planks is the best suited exercise for you. In order to perform planks exercise:
  • Get into the position of push-up.
  • Place your elbows instead of your hands on the floor.
  • Keep your body straight.
  • Hold the position for 30 seconds for each set.
  • Give rest 15 seconds and do another set.
  • Do five reps.
  • 10 exercises are completed, you are done for today.

Conclusion - Weightlifting exercises

There is no magic that can cut your belly fat or reduce weight. You must be consistent and persistent for at least 12 weeks. After sometime, keep on increasing weight when doing any sort of weightlifting. After 12 weeks, you will notice some very impressive changes. These changes will be your motivation to keep going. When you get to your desired goal, do not just cut-off your workout routine. Rather get into some more intermediate workouts. If you want to earn more about workout and impressive exercise routines then visit HAJEX Fitness and get benefit from the latest updates on fitness and exercise. Want to know about cardio or yoga exercises? Go ahead and check the exciting articles!