8 Types of Exercises with Rubber Hex Dumbbells

By nature, a dumbbell is a short bar with a weight on both sides. It is available in various materials or even feature changeable dials, but the basic notion has been the same over centuries. One of the most well-known dumbbells is a hexagon-shaped dumbbell. Hex dumbbells are a comparatively inexpensive workout booster, improving the intensity of lunge and squat exercises as well as a wide range of strength training workouts.

Hex dumbbells are available in a variety of weight categories to organize with your exercise routine. The main perk of hex dumbbells is that they don’t roll. With this, you can perform countless floor exercises, such as dumbbell pushup rows. You can’t do these workouts with round dumbbells.

Moreover, there are various types of hex dumbbells, some hex dumbbells feature contoured handles and some hex dumbbells aren’t rubberized. Thus, if you are going to shop for hex dumbbells, you should look for rubberized ones as these won’t damage your floor.

As classic free weights, hex dumbbells are normally used for joint-isolation workouts. But are you performing the best hex dumbbell workouts and exercises? Here are the top 10 hex dumbbell workouts for muscle building and more. Let’s figure it out.

Bench Press

Usually, hex dumbbells provide the best range of motion and allow you to make even more strength in the pectoral region. A quality hex dumbbell bench press will embellish the triceps and also work the shoulder muscles. The basic concept to follow with hex dumbbell workouts, like all workouts, is to compress at the peak of the movement. This will keep your targeting muscles active and engaged. 

Bicep Curl

Bicep curl is one of the easiest and most frequent weight workouts. It operates a host of tricep and bicep muscles. Across this movement, ensure you remain your upper body controlled and back straight. This hex dumbbell workout is completely about isolated control. To effectively perform a hex dumbbell bicep curl, all you need is to do the following steps:

  1. Hold a hex dumbbell in both hands and stand upright
  2. Each arm should be hanging by your corner
  3. Your palms directed out and keep your elbows near to the torso
  4. As you curl the weights upward to shoulder level, so don’t move your upper arms 
  5. Contract and exhale your biceps as you go
  6. Get back out of the initial position
  7. Repeat
  8. Shoulder Press

It is momentous to have strong shoulders and this famous hex dumbbell workout dwells. The shoulder press emphasis mainly on two sections of the deltoids, it also targets other muscles; i.e. your triceps, trapezius, and rotator cuff muscles. If you want this workout to be successful, these structures all need to work together with your shoulders. 

Bent-Over Row

With this vintage muscle-building workout, maximize the potential of hex dumbbells. It is not for beginners and that inappropriate form can give serious injury. As mentioned previously, you must remain your knees slightly bent and back straight; you wish to be targeting your lower back, not overburdening it. 

One Arm Swing

The beauty of hex dumbbells is that they produce palpable results out of ordinary routines. One-arm swing is its proof. It not only works the shoulder muscles but also works the leg muscles. A best many-sided move, this one can be added to HIIT workouts or strength-building routines. 

Triceps Kickback

The best way to do this hex dumbbell exercise is to begin with small weights and increase the load as you enhance. For the triceps kickback, a movement that goals the frequently overlooked back of the arm, this is specifically correct. 

Supposing the same position to the bent-over row, you must isolate the movement to fully your lower arm. You need to keep your shoulder and upper body as still as practicable during this movement. 

Lateral Raise

Lateral raise is another outstanding movement that targets deltoids. Since the dawn of the sport, it is one of the favorites amongst bodybuilders. With added focus on the outside rotor of the muscle, this workout is important to those gigantic shoulders you’ve been looking for. To this powerful hex dumbbell workout, keeping the right form is important. You need to keep your motions careful and small. Moreover, try to head with your elbows as you go. 

Triceps Extension

Let’s hats off your hex dumbbell workout with this gym basic, which targets the triceps. For this, you can use a single or dual-handed grip, though, the major thing to observe is the position of your elbows. 

Try to keep your arms tight to your body during the movement, as this will best target the triceps and prevent injury. 

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