Difference Between Olympic Bar and Standard Bar

Before purchasing a weight bar for your home gym, must lookout for the appropriate type that could handle your weight-lifting requirements. Generally, barbell bars are of two types; Olympic bar and Standard bar. Many of you confuse them together or consider them different names for a similar product. Therefore, we have decided to jot down the major differences in both.

Quick Overview

The Olympic bars are designed to handle much heavier weights than standard bars. The standard bars are usually made with moderate quality metal that can withstand weight up to 150kg whereas Olympic barbells are used to lift heavier weights than this. 

Main Differences in Olympic Bar and Standard Bar

Construction Material

The Olympic bars are made with industrial-grade steel that could handle the maximum weight you wish to lift. On the contrary, the Standard weight bars are manufactured with cheaper quality steel that can only help to lift initial level weights i.e. 100kg to 150kg. 

Barbell Design

The Olympic bars have 2” (50mm) thick sleeves. Sometimes, the sleeves are also rotatable to minimize the torque produced by Olympic weight plates. This prevents additional strain on your wrists and arms. Whereas, the standard 1” (25mm) features simple sleeves. 


The price varies with quality material. Therefore, Olympic bars are significantly more expensive than regular barbell bars. 

Which Barbell Bar Should I Buy?

After reading this, your mind should be clear and there shouldn’t be any room left for perplexity. Now, you know what you can expect from both the Olympic barbell bar and Standard bar.  If you are still ambiguous, then consider your long-term workout goals. For the short-term or occasional workouts, a regular bar could work for you or if you are serious about your fitness regime then Olympic Barbell Bar is your way to go. 

Olympic Bars Available 

The HAJEX manufacturers Olympic bars of varied designs, sizes, and diameters to cater to different Olympic weight plates.

Olympic Bar Sizes 

  • 1.2m with 50mm diameter
  • 1.8m with 50mm diameter
  • 2.2m with 50mm diameter

Olympic Bar Designs

  • Curled Olympic barbell
  • Strained Olympic barbell - Spring lock