Urethane Vs. Rubber Weights | What's the Difference?

When it comes to purchasing fitness equipment there are mostly countless brands and options available. Often, gym gear companies will display you the most expensive options available but will rarely tell you the real difference between them. That's why Hajexfitness is here to guide consumers like you. To maximize satisfaction and avoid regrets, today we will help you to make the best and most informed decision. So, without any delay let's get started!

What's the Difference?

Simply stated that urethane is just a form of rubber with distinct chemical characteristics. There are some dumbbells or plates which are being described as polyurethane. Urethane and polyurethane are used interchangeably. 

Rubber comes from plants and trees whereas urethane is a man-made substance. Urethane prefers outlast rubber and can resist sunlight and outdoor environments.

Where They Vary

The real difference between rubber and urethane plates or dumbbells is in their hard/soft qualities. Generally, urethane is harder than rubber. The engraving capabilities and higher resistance to degradation make urethane superior. On the other hand, rubber has more elastic memory and resilience on impact. Due to this reason most bumper plates are constructed with rubber. In short, both rubber and urethane weights serve distinct purposes.

Which Should You Prefer?

If you want to maximize the longevity and condition of your fitness equipment, both urethane and rubber are great. Urethane is known to benefit from its hardness and it is more tear-resistant than rubber. Also, urethane plates have a specific color reproduction and it looks incredible when finished. 

Rubber weights on the other hand have a more muted look and will not reproduce logos to the same precision. The flaw of urethane is its feel. Most users do not enjoy the feel of urethane. If you have ever grabbed a urethane dumbbell with an iron grip it will feel like you were touching stiff plastic. Some customers don't like the plastic-looking surface of Urethane. 

Also, urethane tends to be more slippery in the hand due to the components. This is the reason it is very important to shop for a good brand with gripped plates. The HAJEX Urethane Plates are a perfect buy. They offer great features at relatively low prices as compared to other brands.

From the pricing, Rubber benefits. Virgin rubber weights offer high quality that will look and feel premium. When it comes to purchasing rubber weight, virgin rubber is far better than recycled rubber. Virgin rubber will last longer and has a very low odor. 

The HAJEX Rubber Dumbbells are an ideal example of high-quality rubber dumbbells that have a bounty feel. While recycled rubber has a propensity to have some odor. Recycled rubber may be made with quality components or chemicals, depending on the manufacturer. 

Final Ruling

If you want custom logos and colors, Urethane is worth the cost. Yeah! Urethane weights are always more costly but look amazing. For upscale gyms and facilities, they are perfect. For those individuals who are looking for an alternative to iron products, rubber weights are a great choice. 

The surface of both rubber and urethane can vary from model to model. But often urethane has a non-tacky and smooth surface. The quality virgin rubber is also smooth but recycled rubber has a quite rough texture.

Thus, whether you are choosing rubber or urethane weights, the main thing is to purchase them from Top Quality Brands like HAJEX which makes high-end gym equipment.