Yoga in the air with hammock – Aerial Yoga – Sports Yoga

Yoga in the air with Hammock - Pandemic and exercise

It has been not easy to sit in homes while doing everything from our couch and not going out during the pandemic. Some of us have faced serious anxiety and got mentally ill. In order to get rid of such feelings, health fitness gurus ask us to perform home-based exercises. This will definitely make our mind and soul relax. Yoga in the air with hammock or aerial yoga is one of the best forms of sports yoga. It is equally important to stay fit and healthy physically and mentally. 

Yoga - Aerial Yoga

Yoga is such an exercise that you can do easily in your home. All you need is a yoga mat and you are good to go with almost most of the yoga exercises. However, if you want to test your limits then there are some very exciting yoga exercises. Aerial Yoga is one of the most joyful and playful forms of sports yoga. Sometimes, we need a hammock to perform yoga in the air. 

Yoga in the air with a hammock

The hammock is attached to the ceiling it is tied strong enough to hold your weight. Yoga in the air is also known as anti-gravity yoga. It is one of the latest and most remarkable exercises to keep you fit and healthy. People who are yoga lovers will find it quite easy to perform this yoga in their homes. However, for beginners, you might need to understand tits and bits of aerial yoga. Yoga using a hammock also makes the exerciser’s body flexible and stretchable. When you are buying a hammock for yoga, be very diligent about the fabric of the hammock.  In order to boost your fitness level and to burn extra fat, you must start some exercise today. Aerial Yoga with the help of a hammock will not only keep you healthy but will also increase stamina which is good to keep your mind and body active all the time.  Let’s take a look into the benefits of aerial workouts

1. Want to make abs? It is one of the best ab workouts

Routine workouts can be boring sometimes. However, it turned out that with this aerial workout people are getting effective abs building. Not only women were able to trim their belly fats, but it appeared to be effective in men as well. According to anecdotal evidence from Dalleck, most exercisers remarked on feeling as if their core strength improved theatrically over six weeks through aerial yoga workouts. 

2. Aerial Yoga is thrilling – it energizes your mind 

Just imagine for instance how much fun it would be to play acrobat for an hour. In only a few attempts or trials, you will excel in hammock gymnastic tricks. You might never generally try without assistance from the expert. But, now it seems so easy and you are able to do it with complete ease. This type of workout is not at all boring, yet you will find it quite thrilling as well as exciting. 

3. It becomes easier to master typical mat poses yoga 

Personally, I am a huge yoga fan and I have been doing yoga myself for the past few years. I found huge changes not just in my body but also in my mood and thinking. Yoga helps us cleanse our mind as well as body as the core objective of yoga is to spill out bad energy and retain the positive vibes only. It is certainly not easy to master yoga in only a few attempts. One must do it every day and slowly move towards the difficult steps. 

4. If you are a cardio fan, then you can count it as cardio too

According to research, muscle mass in the exercisers who perform aerial yoga increased, and all over fat mass is decreased. Thereby, it is most probable that aerial yoga provides benefits such as strength-building.

5. Once you are done, you will feel as light as a feather 

Sometimes we are too much burdensome with mental and physical stress. While hanging with a hammock you will forget all your troubles and worries and you will feel that a huge weight has been lifted off from your shoulders. 

Conclusion - Yoga in the air with hammock

Out of shape or not, you must try to keep yourself fit and healthy. In today’s stressful life, we are obliged to keep our bodies healthy. Graciously, we have enough equipment with us that are easily and readily available in the market. All we need is motivation and a good one hour to give our body.  Must check HAJEX Fitness for awesome fitness tips and techniques.