7 Strength Training Exercises to do at Home

Want to have a healthier lifestyle? Start strength training today! Unlike other exercises like cardio, strength training continues to burn calories for 3 days straight without working out regularly. It helps to reduce weight by increasing the resting metabolism. 

What is Strength Training

Strength training engages muscles by making them resist the opposite force that’s why it is also called resistance training. This stretches the muscles and builds the required strength. The purpose of strength training exercises is to work the muscle groups to their limits. 

How often should you do it?

  • A couple of days per week
  • 10 reps for adults
  • Beginners: 2 days per week
  • Intermediate: 3 days per week
  • Advanced: 5-6 days per week

Strength Training Exercises

Dumbbell Row
It’s a prime exercise for the arms, abdomen, and back. It targets lats, rhomboids, delts, forearms, and bicep muscles. Start it by using a bench like Adjustable Bench by HAJEX. Put your hand and one knee on the bench and the other one on the side. Keep your stomach over the floor and grab the dumbbell from the floor with the other hand. You can use your hand as a hook to have firm control over the weight and lift your elbow at the level of your back without bending your other leg. Repeat 10-12 times for each side.
Hammer Curls
This strength training exercise focuses on building thicker biceps and forearms. Hammer curls are similar to regular curls but in hammer curls, you will not bring your wrist to the level of your shoulder, instead, you need to pull the weight either across your body or straight up to the level of your elbow. When you pull up the dumbbell, exhale and squeeze before coming back. Repeat 15-25 times. 
Dumbbell shoulder press
The dumbbell shoulder press is a great strength training for triceps, shoulders, core, back muscles, glutes, and leg muscles. To practice this, again you will need a workout bench with a straight back. Sit on the bench with legs apart and practice raising your arms overhead. Once you get in form, start the dumbbell shoulder press with lightweight and increase the weight according to your muscles' strength. Do 3 sets of 9 - 12 reps. 
Overhead Tricep Extensions
This resistance training exercise increases the arm strengths and tones the biceps. Start by sitting on a workout bench with extended pegs for foot support. Bring the dumbbell over your head and hold it with both hands. Now, slowly bring it down while keeping your elbows to the level of your head and breath in. Hold for a second, bring it back over your head, and breathe out. Do 15 - 25 reps. 
Plank Rows 
Just like regular planks, plank rows are excellent for adding strength to the core, arms, and glutes. To begin this, get down on a yoga mat in a plank position with Rubber Hex dumbbells to avoid slipping. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and your legs must be wider than your hips for better stabilization. Now raise your elbow to the ceiling while lifting the dumbbell then bring it back to repeat on the other side. 

Thruster Squats 
Squats are not only great for booty but they engage the entire body muscles. For this, lift the barbell and weight at the level of your shoulder and spread your feet hips apart. Now, squat down and breathe in and breathe out as you stand up. Stretch your entire body straight while bringing your arms over your head. Perform 10-15 times. 
Goblet Squat
Goblet squat targets glutes, hamstring, core, and quad. You can do this by grabbing a dumbbell head with both hands in a cupping position at the level of your chest. Now squat down and bring your butts below your knees before getting back in your original position.  Make sure to push your knees and squeeze your butts during the exercise. Do it 15 times. 

Final Words

Spending 30 to 40 minutes twice a week on strength training exercises is sufficient to enhance overall body strength, energy level, and bone density. It also aids in burning calories faster and constantly by boosting the metabolism.  If you are pregnant or have health-related problems, then consult your doctor before practicing any of these exercises.