15 Best Cardio Exercises For All To Do At Home 

If you want to stay fit or enhance your cardiovascular health then start doing cardio today. It will help to reduce the risk of heart attack and many other health problems related to bad cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Cardio can also help to burn down stubborn body fat but before that calculate your body fat. Though the type of cardio exercise depends on your physique and fitness status. It might seem overwhelming to figure out the ideal cardiovascular exercises for your body but don’t worry, I have narrowed down the list to the 15 best cardio exercises for all levels that you can do easily at home with and without fitness equipment.  Before starting these exercises, remember to take 30 to 60 min rest before moving to the next one. Also, when your body gets used to a particular exercise, try another one to increase your fitness level. 

Cardio for Beginner

For beginners, there is no need to be physically active or have special training. You can easily do these cardio exercises even if you have never done any workout before.  Once starting the cardio, you can feel the boost in your energy level and you can march more to increase your heart rate and lung capacity. 

30-Minutes Walk

Walking is the best and the easiest way for beginners to start their fitness regime. You can begin with a 10 to 15 mins walk in the morning and increase the duration over a week. You can go to the park, or even do it on the street. If you are not comfortable with going out then get a treadmill to do it at home or find yourself ample space to do it. 

One-leg stand

You can do this one in your room with no equipment and the great news is it works for strengthening abdominal muscles.  For this, stand straight with your hands on your waist. Bend your knees and raise your one leg off the ground at 90 degrees angle then bring it back. Now, repeat it with the other leg.  To enhance the intensity, hold your leg in position for 10-30 seconds. 


Dancing is no doubt an excellent way to shed pounds while improving heart health. It also elevates the mood and provides relief from anxiety. So, free up some space for your dance moves and play your favorite song to enjoy the beat. 


Just like walking, jogging is also a great way to do some effective cardio. You can either go outside for jogging or do it in place to increase your heart rate. It also serves as a great warm-up before any workout. 


You can do jumping with or without a jump rope. It can be an alternative to jogging in place and can make your body warm up with better blood circulation. It’s not just for beginners, anyone can do it. 

Intermediate exercises

After a couple of months doing basic cardio, you’ll be ready for intermediate level. At this point, your body is ready for more intensive cardiovascular exercises.

Squat jumps

Squat is also one of the best glute exercises and great cardio for fitness freaks like you. But with some jumping, your cardio game will level up. For this, you might need a yoga mat or you can also do it comfortably on gym flooring mats.    To perform squat jumps, stand straight on the mat and keep your legs apart and get in a squat position. Now jump in the air and get back in the original position. It could little difficult at first but after some sets, you will be able to do it efficiently. 

Jumping jacks

Just like squat jumps, jumping jack is perfect for intermediate level. It can be performed easily at home. For this, stand with hid-width apart legs with straight down arms. Now jump in the air and raise your arms. When you land, bring your arms back to the original position.  To increase the intensity, you can jump higher or do the exercise faster. But don’t forget to breathe properly while working out. 

Stair climb

Climbing stairs also increases the heartbeat and helps to burn more calories. So, you can climb stairs at your home by going up and down multiple times a day. It will also strengthen your calves and improve your bone density. To increase the intensity, you can lift the weights like kettlebells, weight plates, or dumbbells while climbing the stairs.

Squat to front kick

After doing a squat jump, you can try squat to front kick. It is also quite challenging but highly rewarding. You would need to maintain your body balance while doing this exercise.  To do this one, stand with keeping your feet considerably apart with hands at the level of your head, Now get in squat position; bend at your knees to squat down and stand up to kick before returning to the original position. Repeat the exercise with the opposite leg. Initially, you can do slowly to know how it works then gradually increase your pace. 

Trunk rotation

It is relatively easier than other intermediate cardio workouts and helps to develop abs. For this, lay straight on a yoga mat with keens bent and raised and feet flat on a surface. Now turn your legs fully to one side while keeping your torso straight and then bend the legs to the other way without moving your torso. 

Advanced exercises

After successfully completing the above cardio exercises, you can opt for advanced-level cardio workouts. Though, you can also convert any cardio to an advanced level by increasing its intensity which requires more energy and effort.  However, below are some more cardio workouts for expert trainers. 

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing involves many muscle groups including the abdominal muscles, calves, hamstrings, lower back, and glutes. This exercise also works for building abs and can provide all the benefits of cardio exercises.  To practice this, get down on your yoga mat in a pushup position. Lift your tailbone and keep your arms straight under your shoulder now bend your knees and bring it forward just near your chest. Now, return it back and switch the position with the other leg. Keep doing it for 60 seconds. 

Kettlebell Swing

Use Kettlebell to do KB Swing. For this, bend with soft knees and remember not to squat too much. Just keep your back straight with eyes aligned to the kettlebell on the floor. Now hold the kettlebell with your both hands and start swinging. First, swing it past your inner thighs then swing it back while bringing your body in a standing position. 


It is the most challenging cardio suitable for experts. For burpees, get in a squat position then do squat thrust by getting on your hands and toes. Do a push-up and jump back in frog position before doing a squat jump. Focus on your positions in the first few attempts, then do it fast and nicely. 


Get in squat position once again, but this time jump your legs in and out while keeping your butts stretched apart. 

Bear crawl

Last but not the least, the bear crawl is a full-body workout that incorporates all muscle groups. For this, get on your hands and toes. Loft your butts up and keep your keens slightly bent. Now crawl like a bear. You can increase the speed to enhance the efficiency of this cardio workout. 

Final Words

Cardio exercises are essential to minimize potential health problems and provide enough energy to stay fit throughout the day. You can make up your fitness plan by incorporating multiple above-mentioned cardio workouts to do in the comfort of your home.