HAJEX Weight Bars 1.2m to 2.2m
barbell bars 1 inch
Standard Bars 1 inch 4ft
Olympic Barbell Rod Curl | HAJEX
Straight 1.2m (25mm diameter) Barbell Bar
Olympics Straight 1.8m (50mm) Barbell Bar
Olympics Straight 1.2m (50mm) Barbell Bar
Standard Straight 1.5m (25mm) Barbell Bar
4ft curled barbell
1.2m straight barbell Hajex
1.5m straight barbell Hajex (4)
1.8m straight barbell Hajex (6)
1.8m straight barbell Hajex (5)
Weightlifting Curled 1.2m (50mm diameter) Barbell Bar
1.2m straight barbell Hajex
1.8m straight barbell Hajex (7)
7ft olympic bar Main Image
Curved Bar Knurling
4ft curled barbell dimensions
1.2m straight barbell Hajex (1)
barbell knurling
4ft straight barbell dimensions HAJEX
5ft straight barbell knurling HAJEX standard bar spring lock (3)
1.5m straight barbell 1 inch diameter Hajex
5ft Springlock Barbell PNG
6ft straight barbell dimensions HAJEX standard bar (1)
6ft bar dimensions spin lock
6ft bar dimensions spring lock
4ft curved olympic barbell knurling HAJEX
4ft Barbell label
4ft Olympic Barbell PNG
updated 6ft barbell dimensions (2)
6ft Olympic Barbell with bearings
6ft olympic bar UPDATED
7ft olympic bar UPDATED (4)
6ft olympic bar UPDATED (1)
6ft olympic bar UPDATED (2)

HAJEX Barbell Bars


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Elevate your weightlifting game with premium quality barbells by HAJEX. Our weight bars are manufactured with high-density compressed steel. The unmatched quality barbell bars would lift both standard weight plates with a 1-inch (25mm) diameter and Olympic weight plates with a 2-inch (50mm) diameter. Unlike other expensive brands, we deliver quality barbells at a surprisingly cheap price. Owing to the fact that our weight bars are commercial-grade, they are backed with a 1-year warranty. Not to forget that it comes with two spring collar clips so you can lock down your weights and focus on making your body work out.

HAJEX Barbell Features

  • Solid Knurling: Weight bars have solid knurling that aids in holding the weight bar firmly and eliminates the chances of slipping.
  • Heavy Duty Material: The barbell bars are manufactured with quality stainless steel that can hold your weights without collapsing.
  • Style: The barbells are available in both styles spinlock and spring lock so you can pick whatever you like.
  • Thickness: The weight lifting bars have either a 1-inch (25mm)diameter - Standard or 2-inch (50mm) diameter - Olympic, which is compatible with standard or Olympic weight plates respectively.
  • Quick Assembly: Each weight-lifting bar features smooth sleeves that allow you to snap in weights effortlessly.
  • Performance: HAJEX Weight bars have excellent weight-lifting performance with secure grips.


Barbells  Bar Weight Max Weight Limit
Ez Curl Bar 1.2m/3.9ft 1-inch (25mm diameter) 4.7kg/10.3lb 175lb
Straight Bar 1.2m/3.9ft 1-inch (25mm diameter) 4.6kg/10lb 175lb
Ez Curl Bar 1.2m/3.9ft 2-inch (50mm diameter) 10kg/22lb 300lb
Straight Bar 1.2m/3.9ft 2-inch (50mm diameter) 6.5kg/14.5lb 300lb
Straight Bar 1.5m/4.9ft 1-inch (25mm diameter) - Spin lock 5.64kg/12.4lb 175lb
Straight  Bar 1.5m/4.9ft 1-inch (25mm diameter) - Spring lock 6.8kg/15lb 175lb
Straight Bar 1.8m/5.9ft 1-inch (25mm diameter) - Spin lock/Spring lock 6.8kg/15lb 175lb
Straight Bar 1.8m/5.9ft 2-inch (50mm diameter) 15kg/33lb 700lb
Straight Bar 2.2m/7.2ft 2-inch (50mm diameter) 20kg/44lb 700lb

Our Shipping and Return policies are very friendly.  After placing an order if you are not feeling good about it, just reply to your Order Email to have us begin the refund process If you do not like the product just have it shipped back to us and get 100% of the product cost refunded. We do provide an estimated delivery date that we try to deliver in and if for some reason we fail to deliver on time due to reasons beyond our control then we will offer you a replacement or full product fee refund.

For any questions: Email us at support@hajex.com or call at our Toll-Free #855-396-9333

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Daryl Mac (Canada)
It’s exactly what you’d expect.

This bar does what you’d expect from a bar. The weights are easy to load on/off the bar. The knurled grips make the bar easy to grab. It performs exactly like every other bar I’ve ever used. As it should.

Opal Lambert

The z-bar I purchased is both sturdy and substantial, with bends that feel comfortable and ergonomic for my use. While I had read some reviews claiming that the knurling was overly sharp and led to cuts on their palms, I have not experienced any evidence of this myself. In fact, I think the amount of knurling present is just right, and has been smoothed off nicely.

My only concern is the possibility of chrome peeling over time, especially in the threaded areas where the weights are loaded. I am also keeping an eye out for any potential thread wear. Only time will tell if these issues become problematic.

Overall, I believe that this z-bar is a fantastic value for its high quality, solid construction, ergonomic design, and pleasing aesthetics. However, given the skyrocketing prices of steel in recent times, I suspect that the current reasonable price point may not last for long.


A great item to add in my home gym. HAJEX's straight barbell has made weight lifting quite easy. The packaging of the item is extremely satisfying and hassle-free delivery of the item at my door make me rate this item as 5-star. Highly recommended!

Dave Lush

This 4 ft barbell is excellent for small spaces, knurling very nicely done and the finish is great. Perfect for those with standard plates and don't want a cumbersome 6 or 7 ft bar.

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