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Supports de squat de puissance | HAJEX


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Max Weight Holding Capacity: 660 lbs or 300 kg

Attachments Include:
1 x Lat Pulldown Pulley
1 x Seated Row Pulley
1 x Weight Holding Peg
1 x Multi-grip Pull-up Bar
2 x Barbell Holder
2 x J Hooks
2 x Ropes

3 Locations
12 Months
Les racks électriques commerciaux HAJEX sont parfaits pour soulever des charges lourdes en toute sécurité. Avec ces cages électriques, vous pouvez effectuer des tractions, des développé couchés, des développé couchés et bien plus encore. Ils sont disponibles en deux styles pour répondre à vos besoins en matière de musculation. Ces supports offrent une grande flexibilité avec un certain nombre d’exercices de musculation sans dépenser une fortune. Ils comportent des piliers de support robustes, des supports d'haltères robustes, des crochets en J, un système de poulies à plaques et des barres de traction.
Barre de traction multi-grip – Les machines sont équipées de barres de traction multi-grip qui aident à sculpter la poitrine, les avant-bras et les épaules.
Système de câble chargé à plaques – Cette fonctionnalité vous permet de refuser les poids pour un entraînement de force et d’endurance.
Construction de qualité : ils sont fabriqués en acier de haute qualité avec une capacité de charge maximale.
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Support d'alimentation X1

Poids brut 80 kg ou 176 lb
Taille du rack 51 x 43 x 87 po (130 x 110 x 221 cm)

Support d'alimentation X2

Taille de tube super commerciale 3 x 3 x 0,1 po (75 x 75 x 3 mm)
Poids net 145 kg ou 320 livres
Poids brut 163 kg 0r 359 lb
Taille du rack 63 x 65 x 89 po (160 x 164 x 227 cm)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ian Patrick

Was super happy with this rack. It was easy to assemble to allows me to do any and all lifting I was after. It’s 75x75mm steel tubing with 1” holes so it accepts most after market products like plate holders. The pull up bar is fantastic and the best part about this rack, is the PULLEY system. It allows you to work triceps, back and lats with out requiring another piece of equipment. I would totally recommend this rack to anyone and I have! It’s the best bang for your buck and gives rogue and rep a run for the money. Very happy with my X2.


My neighbor got his squat rack from HAJEX a few days ago and it got me intrigued so I ordered one for my home gym as well. I am 100% satisfied with the packaging and overall material of the Squat rack. Would highly recommend it!


I received my parcel of the Squat rack today that I have ordered from HAJEX and I am loving it. My neighbor also got here while I was unpacking this Squat rack and he also liked it a lot. He said that he might also order the same for his home gym. Highly appreciate the quality of the product!

Nathan Cowan

I was looking for a sturdy iron-made power rack and then I came across Hajex Fitness’s store. They are the best ones out there in my opinion. Their quality is so top-notch, and my order also arrived quicker than expected. Everything was packed nicely. Overall, it was a great and satisfying experience for me.

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